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06.02.2010  Berlin

Nachgefragt: Black Cloud (Uruguay)

Who is playing in Black Cloud and what are you doing in your normal lives?


Black Cloud are María José (drums), Evelyn (bass and backing vocals), Sofía (guitar) and Gaby (vocals). Music is part of all of our normal lives. Besides music, María José is into photography, cinema and goes to college. Evelyn is a translator and studies photography. Sofía studies sound making and works. And Gaby is into make up (particularly special effects make up), works and also signs and writes for her other band.



What is your definition of Riot Grrrl?


Riot Grrrl is a movement born at the beginning of the 90s created by American bands whose members were mostly women, with marked aesthetics, music basically punk/rock and grunge and with clear political and feminist contents.

Even if some of us are influenced by the bands of this movement, we don’t feel that this is exclusively the music we make, but we take this influence which mixes with others which come from other music genres and other bands. Black Cloud is not riot grrrl... it's the adding up of the four members, it has a style which so far we haven't been able to put a tag on.



Can you tell us a little bit more about your lyrics then what stands on your webite or maybe just give us a few examples?


Our lyrics have neither a general concept nor a conceptual line. The topics are varied and depend mostly upon who writes which lyrics in particular. Some themes can be youth, society, internal conflicts, family, friends, love, hate, life, death, etc. Currently María José is writing most lyrics.



Why do you write your lyrics in english?


We write in English because it's the language that comes more natural to us to express what we feel. This is probably because practically all the music we listen to is in English. We don’t know why but in English everything sounds better! However, this is something that comes up spontaneously; it’s not something we set out to do.

We also have lyrics in Spanish, but these are the lesser.


Why do you choose to do Rock/ Punk/ Metal music?


Our musical style is not something we choose; it’s made up of our influences.

Nowadays we do not have a marked “style”, because without losing our essence, our influences have broadened to other genres. In the line of rock & roll, we can go from punk to metal.



You are now 5 years around, if you look back... what dreams have you lost in these five years and what is still in your hearts?


We don’t really dream that much, we do real things and try to base our hopes or goals in rational things adapting to real possibilities. In these five years we haven’t lost anything, just the opposite; we keep being passionate about music, about creating new things and we still have the same motivation to get on stage.




I must say, I dont have any big idea about riot grrrl in Uruguay or South America at all. Can help me and tell me, what is necessary to know about this issue?


Currently, the Riot scene is kind of asleep, since the bands from that movement are very few; and there is no conceptual, spiritual and musical union that helps to make it possible. We are not sure there ever was a Riot Grrrl movement in Uruguay, there have been and there are nowadays all-female bands, but not necessarily related to Riot. Although we are 4 women making music we do not think of ourselves as being Riot Grrrls.



What is necessary to know for me about the situation of girls and women in Uruguay?


It’s a complex matter, sexism exists in the whole world and it is no different in our small and unknown country. When you a woman and achieve your goals or gain the respect of others you feel stronger because you know you fought harder and against more things than a man would have to.

There are very few all-girl bands. But regarding music in general; women musicians are taking up a more important place. There are more of us every day.


There is a guy from germany (Ingo Rohrer) that does a fanzine called Sabbel-fanzine in which he tells us about his voyages, escpecially in South America. He also saw some concerts in Uruguay and told us about the small Punkscene, the abuse of drugs and so on. What is your view on the current scene in Uruguay? How have I to imagine a concert hold up in Montevideo? Did interesting things happen in you concerts?


The scene in general is very broad and diverse; the problem is that there aren't enough venues for all the musicians and music is not really supported. Shows in Montevideo are generally small, with little infrastructure.

Our shows are real explosions! They are charged with energy, strength, power, intensity... we leave everything on the stage! Every show is different and interesting things happen all the time, we could tell hundreds of anecdotes!



What future do you see for you and your band?


We don’t think that much about the future. We feel we are walking a path; we want to go forward. We have been through tough, easy, happy and sad times. The ideal future is to keep playing, doing what we love to do, evolve and better ourselves every day, facing new and bigger challenges... we want to be heard by the whole world, but we don’t actually see our future, we are creating it!


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06.02.2010 Berlin

Nachgefragt: Black Cloud (Uruguay)

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