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25.07.2009  Melbourne

Nachgefragt: HillTop Hoods aus Australien

Hilltop Hoods

RM:  Hey Guys, First of all, congratulations for your fully booked shows in Australia. Your band was founded in 1991, but you released your first LP in 1999. Why did it take so long?


MC Pressure: Me and Suffa met in high school in 91 and started making Hip Hop for fun, we didnt really get serious until about 95 so it took a couple of years to put out our first EP in 97, then our first LP in 99. Im glad we waited or there would be music of ours floating around at there that wasnt ready to be heard.


RM: Which artists inspired you to make music?


MCP:  I have a very long list of artist from the late 80s and early 90s that inspired me, to name a few: Rakim, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Organized Confusion, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap etc


RM: In Europe, people don’t know many australian rap artists.

Why do you think that you are one of the first bands, which became famous outside Australia?


MCP: Alot of rappers in Australia havent really tried to reach out to the rest of the world, i think we are the first that have actually given it a serious go. Hopefully in the future others will as well.


RM: Why is it so hard for australian musicians to start a business on the international music scene?


MCP: A few reasons, firstly we are a very long way away from the rest of the world which makes touring alot more expensive and difficult. Touring is the best way to get your name known. I also think alot of Aus rapper also think that other countries wont take our thick accent well, i dont see it as a bad thing though it just makes us unique.


RM: What do you think they have to change to have more success?


MCP: Simply there mind state to start believing that it can be done.


RM: What’s the opinion of the australian media about rap music and how many  rap artists are represented in the charts?


MCP: Main stream media has really started to take Rap in Aus seriously in the last few years, its becoming huge so they have had to. There are a hand full of Aus rap artists that chart in Australia and i think that number is on the rise.


RM: How did you like Germany and the German crowd?


MCP: Loved Germany, the crowds were very responsive to our shows which was great seeing as though most of them didnt know our music, we will be back soon.


RM: What do you know about the German Hip Hop scene, which artists do you like and is there any face-to-face contact?


MCP: Only got to hear a little bit of German Hip Hop but met the guys from Blumenhof (check the spelling) who we did a show with in Munich, they had a really tight stage show though i dont speak german so i had to keep asking my booking agent what they were saying, the language barrier can make it difficult.


RM: Do you want to continue making gigs in Europe or even in the USA?


MCP: We are definately coming back to Europe early next year with a tour of our own. We are touring Canada this september and hopefully we will do some shows in the USA as a follow on from our Norht American tour.


RM: Do you try to reflect the australian influence in your music or is it not so important for you?

MCP: We dont try and over australianise our music, our sound is something i think we have developed gradually over the years and is just something that comes naturally.


RM: Thank you for the interview and we hope to see you back in Germany soon!


Interviewed by AndiTablez




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25.07.2009 Melbourne

Nachgefragt: HillTop Hoods aus Australien

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