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26.09.2012  Aarhus

Interview: Broadway Killers

Broadway Killers

Bevor die drei Dänen der Band BROADWAY KILLERS ab dem 27.09.2012 Deutschland unsicher machen trafen wir Bassist und Sänger Jakob für einen kurzen Plausch über Musik, den Rock´n´Roll und Ziele einer verheißungsvollen Band mit großer Zukunft.

RM: Hey guys, what´s up???

Good day Regiomusik


We’re busy, but good. The next two months we have 10 shows and a pre-production/writing session before we hit the studio to record our debut album ultimo November primo December. Lot’s of things going on right now, but it’s what we want to do, so we’re excited about the next months’ action. Right now, we focus is on the forthcoming tour, though. Will be awesome!


RM: Tell us some words about THE BROADWAY KILLERS and your music.

Broadway Killers is simple three-piece rock/punk rock band out of Aarhus, Denmark. When we write music we try to mix elements of punk, grunge and alternative rock to make energetic and melodic songs. We try to keep everything simple, we don’t make things harder than they are and we do things they way we want them to be done.


RM: What have you done before you found the Broadway Killers?

We have all been in other bands before Broadway Killers (PINBOYS and Gob Squad). In the last six years our roads have sometimes crossed each other, and every time they did, we just felt that something great was happening, so when I (Jakob) wanted to start the Broadway Killers late 2010, there was no doubt in my head that I was gonna found a band with Emil and Anders. This band is where we all belong – as friends and musicians. We share the same point of views on music, we share common values, we come from almost the same musical background and we’re all bad playing our instruments, but as a unit, we’re very, very strong.


RM: You will start your tour in Germany this week, are you nervous or is it a normal feeling to hit the road?

I don’t think we’re nervous, but we are for sure very excited. Broadway Killers is a live band. We belong on stage. We have high expectations to our live performance and if we don’t perform 100% we’re disappointed. So, people can expect a very energetic show where we give everything we got. Regarding hitting the road… well, on the road as a rock band is just something very special and different from the everyday life. Quite addictive.


RM: What´s your favourit club on tour?

On this tour it must be LOGO, Hamburg. We have all played LOGO – I personally have played there maybe five times – so it is gonna be great to come back. Otherwise, I’m very much looking forward to Backstage in Munich. I never been there and it is a legendary place.


RM: Do you have some “special things” to do before a show (drink a shot, clap your hands, talking about how awesome you are…)?

We always gather and make a special battle cry before each show. Afterwards we shake hands and say: “Have a good match” (like a football game).


RM: What can people expect when they will see you the first time?

I think people can expect a band that is more punk and energetic than on the recordings. I hope they will have the feeling that we are a really good live band with a powerful sound, though we’re just three people. We don’t have any pyro-technic or special effects and we don’t have a back track. It is just us playing – nothing else – what you hear, is what we play and I think people will be positively surprised.


RM: Is it a good choice to let her nice daughter go to a Broadway Killers show?

It’s always a good choice to go a Broadway Killers’ show. Actually, I can’t think of a better thing to do. However, she should maybe leave her “Hello Kitty” bag at home.


RM:You signed a new booking contract with a Berlin based agency, are you looking forward to the work with them?

We are very much looking forward to that. Fädde Deluxe did an amazing job booking this tour and Fabian was the first one to really believe in us, so we owe him big time. However, we also think – after many meetings and talks – that Crazy Planet has more power and are able to do the things we want to do. We share the same point of view on music and they understand our situation as a band and where we want to go, which is crucial.


RM:What can we expect from you in future?

A kick-ass album, great tours and a fun festival summer. When that’s been said, we must emphasize that we don’t know how people will react to our album, and we are fully aware that the world doesn’t stop turning just because we release an album. However, we truly believe that our music ha a place in today’s music scene. We know that our songs have the quality that is needed to shake some ground.


RM:Have fun on tour guys, you will have the last words:

Thank you! Well, we just hope people will give us a chance both as a recording artist and as live act. They won’t be disappointed. Take care of each other and hopefully we will see you out there.





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26.09.2012 Aarhus

Interview: Broadway Killers

Bevor die drei Dänen der Band BROADWAY KILLERS ab dem 27.09.2012 Deutschland... mehr lesen